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Climate Change mitigation is a race against time. FullCycle built an acceleration ecosystem to scale commercially ready technology-solutions to the climate crisis

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Our Differentiation

We invest in growth stage companies with developed climate-critical infrastructure technology.  Our focus is on technologies that abate short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs), which have a disproportionate warming effect in their first twenty years of emission (GWP 20). We accelerate commercialization and asset deployment as a capital and operational partner. Our focus is on sectors of the economy that are the largest contributors of SLCPs.

Investment Strategy

FullCycle invests to accelerate the deployment of technologies that address the greenhouse gases with the highest warming potential in the first 20 years of emission (GWP20). These high-impact climate pollutants (CH4, HFC, N2O, etc) make up 24% of atmospheric greenhouse gases, while being responsible for close to 50% of global warming.

Acceleration Ecosystem

Our asset-led growth strategy standardizes the technology offerings in our portfolio companies, then accelerates their global rollout by providing dedicated project-equity finance coupled with operational and regional expertise.


Carbon Return on Investment “CROI” is our guiding principle.  Our proprietary methodology (CROI-20), calculates the carbon return of our investments based on the warming potential of gases over the first 20 years of emissions rather than the traditional 100 year time period. This provides more stringent and urgent metrics for measuring climate impact over traditional models.

The Goal of FullCycle

How We Invest

FullCycle developed a unique investment model, specifically designed to accelerate the deployment of the climate critical technologies.  These technologies must exceed our threshold for Carbon Return on Investment (CROI-20) and deliver above market returns on a risk adjusted basis.

Market Ready Technology

We invest in technologies that are “six continent solutions,” meaning wide applicability across regions. These technologies must be at NASA’s Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7 or 8, have proven efficacy and are ready for commercial rollout.

Gigaton Co2e Impact

We maximize measurable climate impact with every dollar we invest. Companies must demonstrate their technologies meet our criteria for capital efficient impact on climate at full deployment (Serviceable Addressable Market).  Our threshold is a gigaton CO2(e) abatement/year per technology.

Compelling Financial Returns

Project investments feature lifetime internal rates of returns in the mid-teens or higher. Projects will have reliable supply and off-take agreements with creditworthy counter parties. Investments in successful projects will also increase the enterprise value for our portfolio companies and the exit value for our investors.

Long Tail of Projects

We secure rights to invest in the project assets of our platform companies on a fixed and preferential basis.  This typically comes in the form of a Right of First Refusal (ROFR) at pre-set terms, negotiated in connection with an equity investment in the platform company.

Platform Companies

Platform Companies


Synova has developed a cost effective, closed loop system that converts all types of trash – including plastic – into clean energy, fuel, high-value chemicals, or virgin plastic feedstock, without fossil fuels.

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Sustainitech is a purpose driven agri-tech company focused on developing controlled indoor growing complexes that can sustainably grow a wide range of high quality crops in any climate.

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InPipe Energy’s In-PRV pressure recovery valve is a smart water and micro-hydro system that generates carbon-free, baseload, renewable electricity by harvesting excess pressure from municipal water pipelines.

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